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The Evangelical Guild of Change Ringers


Past Events



Here is a  photo taken at our recent dinner in Milton Keynes. There was a good turn out - many of our friends joined us from Brighton and a jolly good time was had by all.


Shelly during her speech.


Alfred, Joseph and Benedict enjoying their Wine Tart.




Wafers on a bed of air

Main Course:

Bread Pie


Wine Tart


The Dinner was meticulously organised by Shelly Glam of Essex.

Shelly arriving at the event having had a makeover from our ex-fashion guru Marge Tubbs.


Tour to Brighton & Hove 2002

The Sodom & Gomorrah of the South Coast...

An account by Marge Tubbs


Iona Vibe (tour organiser)


Back at our AGM in May, Iona Vibe very selflessly volunteered herself to organise our inaugural tour to Brighton and Hove. It must be noted in our constitution, we must enjoy both the ringing of the bells on our designated towers, and also spread the word of God. I can gleefully say it's a lot like spreading I Can't Believe It's Not Butter - not having to wait for it to go soft for ages and tasting really good. I really relish in telling members of the general public about God - seeing their faces in deep thought and concentration with a little twinkle in their eye.... gives me a great buzz. And where could we find a place more in need of conversion than Brighton and Hove? I think Iona Vibe's choice of venue was quite spectacular.

The EGCR does not like to think of its self as a political organisation, but on hearing that FODS ringers were planning to hold an event in Brighton to coincide with Brighton Pride (what do they think they have to be proud of?), something had to be done to protest against this immorality! 

The day stated with our initial campaign meeting at they the only venue we could find that was not full of heathens. The Pink Oboe  proved to a most suitable venue.  The staff were interested to hear of our plans, and were very supportive of our cause.  Unfortunately, none of the staff were able to join us for the day.  Iona Vibe eagerly distributed the itinerary, kindly reproduced by Marge Tubbs.  It was soon time to depart to travel the short distance to our first tower, St Peter, Brighton.  We arrived to here the bells were already ringing.  To our horror, we discovered that the tower had been double booked, by none other that the FODS ringers.  We could not believe that church authorities made this mistake!  Ivor Child was most upset on missing out on the first (and only) tower.  Luce Butt frantically assisted, by attempting to plug the gap...  Members quickly gathered by the main road to watch a rather colourful parade.  God must definitely be on our side now.

Well a fun time was had by all yet again and we gathered on the bus for our long journey home. Sally Rimmer collected the bus money and had even organised a present for the driver: his very own copy of the Good News Bible. Very generous. The journey rushed by as Matt kindly brought along his favourite Mission Praise Hymns album for us all to listen to (certain tracks are featured on this website through the kind permission of Church Regulation Audio Presentation music (C)2002

Thanks again to Iona Vibe - ratings of such a good tour will be hard to beat, and good luck to Benjamin D Ovoir of Kidderminster in organising the much eagerly anticipated tour to Barnsley this coming November.


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