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The Evangelical Guild of Change Ringers




Ringing Master

Ivor Child

Ivor has spent many a time teaching young ringers the art and morality of change ringing. He has a keen eye for blossoming talent and takes every opportunity to develop the more spiritual side of ringing mastership.

Deputy Ringing Master & Striking Coordinator

Lucinda Butt

Luce has proved to be a charismatic subordinate to Ivor.  She is always keen to implement more radical striking policies, working closely with Ashley Metrognome, Striking Coordinator. 


Marge Tubbs

Marge is an experienced Administrator.  She has been keen to assist the committee in the past, carryout ad hoc tasks.  After giving up her jet-set career in the fashion design business, to start a family, she has enthusiastically taken over the general administration from Sally Rimmer, who now is our Treasurer. 


Sally Rimmer

Sally's aptitude for figures has proved invaluable in this role.  Sally has recently implemented changes to our accounting procedures, introduce ultra prudent reporting methods. 

Web Designer


Ryan A Pratt

I have been playing with computers since I was a child.  The Guild drew me out of the dark world in which I became embroiled.  In return I have constructed this website.  Along with the mammoth task of producing this state of the art website, I am currently writing more suitable games for the youth of today. A recent example of my work includes the blockbuster Noah's Ark 3: The Hunt for the Lost Ferret. God Bless you all, and if you have any comments regarding this site, please pray to God, who will contact me thereafter.

Conversion Therapist

Matthew Markus Luke-Johnson

Matt has been working in psycho-therapy after his tragic ferret swallowing accident which led to the brain child of Ryan's Noah's Ark 3. Matt worked for the Samaritans for many years and has successfully carried out many conversions whilst living in Basildon. Having gained his ABRSM Grade II Sitar, Matt then joined the holy band of St. Martin's Church and was elected into the Guild 3 years later.


Honorary Founder Member (Deceased)

Betty Jane Flaps

May we remember our dearly beloved Betty who has been an inspiration to us all (along with Jesus Christ our Saviour - although he didn't save Betty in the end). Betty met Ivor back in the 1970's whilst on missionary service in Hawaii and together they founded what was originally called "The Bible Bell Bong Club" which we felt was aptly renamed "The Evangelical Guild of Change Ringers". Betty tragically died after a heart failure induced by reading the Ringing World coverage of the recent FODS tour to Northern Ireland.

RIP Betty - we loved you dearly and may Jesus look after your soul in Heaven.


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